#12 – Stop Being Fat – Get Lean and Faster….If you want!

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If you have been a listener to Coach Robb for any length of time, you know his strong opinion about the importance of heart rate monitors.  During this podcast, Coach Robb outlines how you can utilize your heart rate monitor to build muscle, burn fat and improve your performance results all at the same time!  Please note, during this podcast, Coach Robb provided some helpful illustrations that you will want to write down and keep as a simple, yet powerful resource to understanding how your body utilizes stored fat, sugar and protein to fuel your exercise efforts.

After listening to this podcast, you will have a clear understanding why changing up your intensity levels, durations and frequency will keep you from falling into weight loss stagnation or performance plateaus.  And as always, Coach Robb answered listeners questions about Lance Armstrong’s drug testing results, the use of quinoa on the two week food challenge, capturing your resting heart rate and why athletes are petrified of success!

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