#17 Peoples Podcast – How to Handle an Injury

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As the “Peoples Podcast”, Coach Robb will address listener Anthony from Australia’s question about addressing an injury. Anthony voiced his frustration of the conflicting information about how to handle and recover from an injury between physicians, physical therapists and trainers. He also voiced his frustration about the conflicting ideas associated on both how to handle an injury and how long should it legitimately take to fully recover. Coach Robb will outline his three stages he uses to handle injuries with his clients and what he implements to speed up the overall recovery process and get them back to 100% ASAP. If you have ever experienced an injury, this information will be invaluable!

Coach Robb also answers listener’s questions about glycogen vs blood glucose; knee braces – good or bad; how sleep helps lose unwanted body fat; are raw nuts considered a fat or a protein and the difference between being warmed up and being hot. Listen, take notes and walk away from this podcast with a blueprint of handling an injury along with clarification on some confusing concepts.

If you have any questions, frustrations or need anything clarified, don’t hesitate to drop Coach Robb and his research team an email. Your question will be answered either via email and/or on a future podcast show!

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