#36 Seely, Webb, Kain, Cotter

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Honda HRC’s Cole Seely had an off-night in Arizona after an impressive showing at the first Monster Energy Supercross Triple Crown race of the year at Anaheim 2. Cole was forced to miss some of the critical testing and prep time this off-season after having some hardware removed from his finger, but we fully expect him to be battling up front all year. Cole is truly one of the good guys in the sport and we appreciate him always putting up with us and our nonsense.

Monster Energy/Knich/Factory Yamaha’s Cooper Webb suffered an injury in December that kept the hopeful 450SX championship contender less than 100% coming into the season. He put in his best ride last week in Glendale and we’ll get his thoughts on the season, doubters and anything else he wants to get off his chest tonight.

The 9th Annual Ricky Carmichael Amateur Supercross (RCSX) returns to the Daytona International Speedway for the biggest two-day amateur supercross event in the world in just a few short weeks from now. It’s always a pleasure to get MX Sports’ Tim Cotteron the show and we’ll get all the details and new additions to the race this year.  Check out www.RaceDaytona.com for signup and event information. We look forward to seeing you there!

Those that have listened to our show over the years have enjoyed the always entertaining Wes Kain stories from every corner of the country. Wes is one of our best friends in the real world and we wanted our listeners to hear directly from the legend himself tonight.

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#10 Coach Robb

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Screw Your New Year’s Resolutions  and How to Set Yourself Up for a Lifestyle Change! During Podcast #10 Coach Robb outlines the top four reasons why people are constantly hungry and can’t lose weight, and the truth behind what it takes to actually enjoying exercise.  After listening to this podcast, you will learn how to avoid falling into the trap of the complacency syndrome, which in Coach Robb’s opinion, is the number one reason why we end up injured and/or sick.  Coach Robb also answers several listener’s questions sent about whether you should goto the gym when the flu bug is floating around; whether avocados should be avoided due to the amount of calories; and the truth behind supplementation.

Yours in sport & health,

-Coach Robb, Coaches & Staff

#9 Coach Robb

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Coach Robb outlined the Top 8 Mistakes People make when trying to improve their health, wellness and/or sports performance.  When it comes to avoiding burn out, becoming injured, sick or excessively sore, Coach Robb walks through the key elements to an exercise or sports performance program that guarantees success. In Coach Robb’s opinion, creating an exercise or performance program that is sustainable specific to an individuals personal and professional schedule is the foundation of success and in this podcast he walks you through ? step by step to help jump start your program!  In addition to outlining the top 8 mistakes, Coach Robb answered several listeners questions about heart rate monitors, getting sick often and how to adjust a workout if you are short on time.  If you have any particular frustrations or questions that you would like Coach Robb and his staff to research, please feel free to email them to [email protected].