e6 Stories From The Frontline

Letters to home by, PFC Blake Wharton His accounts from the Indianapolis Skirmish

#40 Daniel Blair and Cole Seely

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Those that have listened to our show over the years know we’ve always had a special place here at DMXS for Team Honda HRC’s Cole Seely. He has always been one of the most humble and appreciative riders in the sport and we just plain dig his vibe. We’ll get the latest on his recovery and all the cool stuff he’s doing to pass the time while recovering from the crash in Tampa.

Race Day LIVE host Daniel Blair will join us for some behind-the-scenes bench racing and all the other cool stuff in his life he never has time to talk about. Daniel has been straight killing it in front of the camera and we look forward to catching up and also getting some legit hair care tips.

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#13 Building the Perfect Endurance Program

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Do you struggle with building a nutrition and training program that doesn’t leave you exhausted and flat on race day?

During Podcast #13, Coach Robb walks you through the four stages necessary for optimum strength, speed and endurance specific to anything endurance (triathlon, running, mountain biking, road cycling, adventure racing, long distance open water swimming, hiking and climbing, off road motorcycle racing (2 plus hours like BAJA & GNCC).

Before listening to this podcast, make sure you have a pen and paper to take some notes.  Coach Robb outlines the three main components associated with performance then walks you through four stages associated with building the perfect endurance program: Creating an Athlete Performance Profile, Creating an Athlete’s Foundation for Performance, Performance Evaluation and Performance Development.  After listening to this podcast, you will have the ultimate template for optimized endurance specific performance.

And as the people’s podcast, Coach Robb answers listeners questions about the benefits of massage, how to control intensity for weight loss and cycling, how to recover from a snowboarding session, benefits of energy gels and blocks during a half marathon and when to review biofeedback indicators.

e5 Stories From The Frontline

Letters to home by, War Correspondent, Jason Weigandt His accounts from behind the battle lines.