#49 Langston – Weigandt – Sipes – Williams

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Grant Langston has a front row seat to all the action this summer and we’ll get his thoughts as the outdoors are winding down and ready to crown two new champions.

Ryan Sipes can truly can anything on a dirt bike, including showing up and winning a TT race! We’re very proud to have Ryan representing DMXS at the Red Bull Straight Rhythm’s Media Challenge and will discuss of that and more tonight.

We’ve known Jason Weigandt for almost twenty years but didn’t know the extent of his uselessness around the house with DIY projects until Kevin came across this nugget of info at Loretta Lynn’s last week. Jason will try to explain how he’s gotten so far in life without these critical manly skills.

Wes Williams is living back in Georgia and we are stoked to have him hang with us in the studio whenever he’s not traveling. It was so cool to see Wes back filming at Loretta’s and brought back some great memories to the DMXS/VURB days when the world was truly the best.

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#21 Post-Race Depression – How to Avoid The Negative Side Effects of Over Training

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Over the last 34 years of coaching, Coach Robb has seen countless cases of post-race depression. This is not a subject that he takes lightly and in this podcast he explains why it happens, as well as providing some very important steps you can take to help offset the symptoms. **Note: if you are dealing with depression, Coach Robb strongly urges you to seek professional help immediately! **

Coach Robb also outlines what over training is, how to identify if you are on the path to overtraining, along with four specific questions you must answer to keep it from happening again. Grab a piece of paper and jot down the blueprint Coach Robb is going to walk you through so that you can elevate your health, wellness and performance without having any future performance setbacks.

Listeners questions include: What is the difference between electrolytes and calories in a sports drink; When should I resume training after muscle soreness, Tips to keeping Energy Fuel cold during long workouts, Can you drink Energy Fuel with dinner, and the fine line between being too technical and not technical enough.

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