#52: 6 Habits to Quit Today!

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There aren’t many things that make Coach Robb angry, however, quitting is one of them!  Ironically, during Podcast #52 Coach Robb walks you through six things that you absolutely have to quit TODAY in order to reach your fullest potential as a person, partner, friend, colleague, parent or athlete.  This podcast addresses the top six behaviors that Coach Robb has addressed consistently over his last 37 years of working with people from around the world that need to change in order to reach your fullest potential.

What you will discover after listening to this podcast is that regardless of where you live in world and the associated culture, human behavior is consistent in the category of habit.  We all fallen into habits (mentally and physically) that put us in our current situation.

Like all shows, please grab a piece of paper, or pull out your notes on your phone and jot down these topics (in this specific order):

  1. Refrain from overthinking
  2. Constantly trying to please other people and seek their approval
  3. Putting yourself last
  4. Living in the past
  5. Fearing change
  6. Using exercise as punishment

If you are a frequent listener, thank you for your continued support.  If you are new to the Coach Robb Podcast, welcome and feel free to email Coach Robb’s staff[email protected] with any questions, frustrations or clarifications that you would like Coach Robb to address.  This podcast is known as “The Peoples Podcast”, let us show you why!  Thank you for listening.