#25 The Top 10 Dangers Associated with the Dark Days of Winter and their Effects on Adrenal Fatigue!

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As the dreaded days of winter are sneaking up on us, not only are we dealing with colder temperatures, but also starting and ending our days in the dark.  As a result, the cooler and darker days have a tendency to put a dark cloud over our motivation in the areas of food and exercise choices.  During podcast #25, Coach Robb discusses the top 10 dangers associated with the dark days of winter and what you can do to avoid the typical pitfalls that leads to winter time blues and even depression.

During the first half of the podcast, Coach Robb walks through the 10 biggest challenges that we all face during the winter months and why it results in unwanted weight gain and various physical issues (i.e. headaches and strained muscles) along with specific things you can do to keep all of these challenges from becoming a reality.  Some of the dangers are quite obvious; however, some will catch you by surprise.  For example, did you know that your inability to stay warm causes high levels of fatigue?  Did you know that holiday cooking and having a fire in your fireplace makes breathing difficult and could invoke an asthma attack?

During the second half of the podcast, Coach Robb explains how these winter specific stressors piled on tope of every day stressors such as work, school, financial, relationships and exercise cause the body to become overworked from the inside out.

Coach Robb walks through the vicious cycle associated with excessive stressors, being exhausted (mentally and physically), and inability to sleep which often results in unwanted weight gain and poor health. He outlines specific steps you can proactively take to strike a good balance for health, wellness and performance, and avoid the imbalance that can lead to adrenal fatigue.

Listeners questions include: Why am I gaining weight when I am training so hard?; How do I choose a good heart rate monitor on a budget?; What are biofeedback indicators and why are they important to evaluate?; How does a full bladder influence resting heart rate readings?; and How do I cross train to improve sport specific performance using heart rate intensity?

Call to Action: During the podcast Coach Robb mentions a few of his popular resources that you can use to help document how your body responds and adapts to stress in a systematic manner: Body Analysis Spreadsheet, Heart Rate Spreadsheet, Body Composition Spreadsheet.  If you would like a copy of these, please email [email protected]and indicate which resource you would like to receive.


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