#30 Breaking Down the 2 Week Food Challenges – Phase One, Phase Two and why Pixy Sticks Work!

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The popularity of the Two Week Food Challenge has reached all new levels here at CoachRobb.com.  During the first half of this podcast, for new listeners (and a review for regular listeners), Coach Robb walks you through a brief overview of Phase One: what it is, how to implement, how it works and most importantly why it works.  He also explains how the two week food challenge addresses frustrating symptoms like: bloating, inability to sleep, foggy head, lack of energy, feeling lethargic and lack of athletic performance.

An additional subject discussed during the first half of this podcast is the dirty little secret that the large “weight loss” company’s don’t want you to know and understand.  After listening, you will clearly understand how these weight loss monster companies dupe you into thinking that you are losing “weight”, when in actuality, you are not losing any body fat at all (and why you put more weight back on after you drop their program).  If you are a new listener, you will be happy to understand how to break a pattern that Coach Robb refers to as the “Guilt – Punishment Cycle” to get you on the fast track to dropping unwanted body fat while increasing lean muscle mass, improving overall energy and mental clarity.

If you have listened to Coach Robb in the past and have completed the Two Week Food Challenge – Phase One, you will enjoy the second half of the podcast where he walks you through the final steps for creating your personalized nutrition and hydration program to maintain lean muscle mass, have consistent energy and improved athletic performance.  By understanding how to implement the next phase of eating correctly, you will experience increased production of human growth hormone and testosterone – naturally.  The results will be a leaner you with improved energy levels.

Also, if you are a fan of supercross, you watched Austin Forkner down a few Pixy Sticks after his first race in the triple crown.  Coach Robb explains why this simple trick is both effective and imperative for Austin’s recovery and if it would work for you too!

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