#34 Prescription Drugs & Nutritional Depletion | How to Handle an Injury/Illness without Losing your Fitness and Your Mind!

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If you are taking over the counter medications or have been prescribed pharmaceuticals, you may be experiencing symptoms such as depression, fatigue, hair loss, irritability, anemia, loss of smell/taste, wounds that won’t heal and even sexual dysfunction… to name a few.

During the first half of the podcast, Coach Robb discusses how antacids, antibiotics, cholesterol medication, hormones, anti-inflammatories and diuretics could be leading to micro nutrient deficiencies resulting in unwanted symptoms.  Grab a piece of paper and get ready to jot down the micro nutrients that are adversely effected when you take certain types of medications.  Once you understand the nutrients, you can address the symptoms by eating real food and, if necessary, supplementation.

During the second half of the podcast, Coach Robb  outlines how to address an illness or injury without losing fitness or your mind!  Coach Robb explains what you can do to kill the virus quickly, know when it is good to resume training, and how to ensure that you don’t lose any fitness during your “down time”.  He also discusses the four necessary steps to handling an acute injury. You can read more on such cases on the Accident Reports GA online.

Listener questions include: Why am I not losing weight when I am training so hard?; What heart rate monitor is Coach Robb using and why?; Are any new flavors coming out for Energy Fuel?; How do I know if I am eating too much or too little while training and racing?; What is this three-dimensional plane Coach Robb refers to when discussing improved cornering on the bike?

As mentioned in the podcast, here are the Amazon links to Coach Robb’s books on Kindle and Paperback:

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