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Coach Robb Podcast Listener Case Studies!!

Here at the Coach Robb Podcast, we are always looking for ways to provide our listeners with information that resonates and specifically addresses their frustrations, needs, wants and desires, and provide specific steps to correct and/or eliminate them.  Going forward, as a new feature (or format), we take a deep dive into specific case studies of our listeners once a quarter.

Here is how it will work. 

Step One: Send an email to [email protected] outlining your current situation.  It can be a frustration that you are dealing with, a situation that you have conflicting opinions about, or anything that is keeping you from reaching your fullest health, wellness and/or performance.

Coach Robb will choose four case studies per quarter from the entries he receives and complete a FREE one hour phone consultation with the individual(s). In this call he will get the background information necessary to build a strategy to turn around, correct, or eliminate the hurdles or road blocks and get you moving towards your desired outcome. There will be a 30-minute bi-weekly conference call with Coach Robb to discuss your progress and next step suggestions.  At the end of the month, we will complete a beginning – ending evaluation and determine a long term strategy for success.

In this podcast, we are going to evaluate four case studies, one from each of our business segments, and tell the story of how we were able to address both the mental and physical challenges and frustrations of each to put them on a path to success.


General Fitness/Weight Loss:

Gender: Female (Sara)

Age: 34 years old – Mother of 3

Frustration: High school weight was 155 – “stuck” at 190 since having children

Current Mindset: “the trainer must know what they are doing – that is why I am paying them but it doesn’t work for me


Motorsports: Motorcycle specific

Gender: Male (Tim)

Age: 48

Race Class: Vet Off Road

Frustration: Cramping and overheating the last hour of a three hour race

Current Mindset: “I try to push through the heat, cramping and fatigue but I always end up getting passed by nearly everyone late in the race”


Endurance: Running Specific

Gender: Female (Micaela)

Age: 50

Race Distance: Half and Full Marathons

Frustration: Train and race well in the cold, but struggle in the heat/humidity of Florida

Current Mindset: “Never struggled before.  Never worried about fluids, pacing, etc. and I used to win my age group.  I want that back”


Speed & Agility (ball and stick sports): Basketball Specific

Gender: Male (Conner)

Age: 14

Competitive Level: High School | Elite Level Travel Ball

Frustration: I am exhausted, sick and hurt all the time

Current Mindset: I can’t seem to get healthy because we play nearly year round.

If you like this format, be sure to send us YOUR situations, frustrations, and hurdles that are keeping you from reaching your highest level of health, wellness and performance!

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