#41 – How to Plan Your Success in 2020!

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As 2019 comes to a close, stop and ask yourself “What has been my biggest frustration(s) of 2019?” Are they the same ones that you had in 2018 or even 2017? During podcast #41, Coach Robb shares his four-step process to identify, isolate, address, and eliminate the specific frustrations you experienced in 2019. This unique four-step process will provide you a road map to immediate progress and move you closer to achieving your fullest potential as an individual and/or athlete.

Grab a piece of paper, listen to this show, and get clarity about how to maximize the four components of your life: Personal, Professional, Financial and Athletic!

Listener questions include: “What should I look for in a licensed massage therapist?”; “Will it make me fat if I eat after 5 pm?”; “Why do I crave sugar after a Hare Scramble?”; and, “Why am I so tired, sore, and don’t feel rested after a night of sleeping?”

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