#47 – Garmin Dashboard Review (Sleep | Performance | Stress Score)

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If you have followed Coach Robb for any period of time, you know that he is a big advocate of the heart rate monitor as a resource for identifying signs of excessive stress before an athlete feels run down (i.e. suppressed appetite, decreased athletic performance, poor sleep, injured, etc.)

During this podcast, Coach Robb walks through three areas within the Garmin Dashboard designed to help you evaluate your sleep, exercise activities, and your body’s overall stress levels.  These three areas are the foundation for dropping body fat, improving strength & endurance, and keeping you in that sweet spot of incremental improvement.  By using the heart rate monitor and the heart rate evaluation tools, you will ensure that your body is not in a mode of over or under training which results in injury, sickness or burnout (mentally and/or physically).

After this podcast, you will have an understanding of:

  • Sleep: how to determine the quality sleep; the number of sleep cycles you are completing, circadian rhythms and understanding your deep sleep to awake ratios
  • Exercise: how to determine your refueling and hydration needs; understanding your sweat rate; how to avoid calorie gaps that negatively affect the results of each workout
  • Stress: how to evaluate your current level of cumulative stress (personally, professionally, financially and athletically); evaluating the balance of duration, intensity and frequency for optimum performance

If you have any questions that you would like Coach Robb and his team to break down on future podcasts, don’t hesitate to send an email to[email protected] .

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