#48 – Listener’s Questions – Coach Robb Answers!

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Answering questions that come directly from the listeners it what makes Coach Robb’s job so rewarding! Whether the questions come directly to Coach Robb’s office or through his partnership with the boys over at DMXS Radio!  During Coach Robb Podcast #48, Coach Robb answers a handful of questions providing insight into each subject at the 10,000-foot view and then gradually drilling down into each subject so that you have clarity associated with both the “how” and “why”. Make some eggs and avocados (as a tribute to David) or grab a cold beer (depending on when you are listening), sit down and enjoy an hour of introspective into these various subjects.

Listener questions include:

  • Can you address diabetes and training/racing?
  • How do I know if my 13-year-old son is doing too much in the gym to prepare for football?
  • I have arthritis in both my knees. What can I do to get my stiff joints moving in the morning?
  • Is 100% fruit juice actually healthy?
  • I like my weekends off from training. Is it better to have two days off during the week or can you accomplish the same with just two in a row?
  • How do I set up a cycling program when starting from scratch?

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