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Dealing with the unique stress of the COVID holidays is more than a saying – it is simply everyone’s reality!

If you listen and watch today’s media and the various social outlets, we are navigating the noticeable friction and tension everywhere – rioting and looting of our neighborhoods, the bipolarity of political disagreement and agendas, lost jobs and associated income – all set the stage for the most difficult time of the year – the holidays!!

What we must recognize is that despite the challenges, there ARE positives coming out of these situations. People are spending more time outdoors improving their health by walking, running, and cycling. Social distancing has reminded us of the importance of spending time with friends and family. And people are recognizing the individual role of accountability and responsibility.

During Podcast #49, Coach Robb walks through simple things you can do to improve your strength and resiliency during this year’s holidays not only for yourself, for also for those around you. By implementing these steps and allowing them to become daily habits, you will be blown away at the amount of energy, clarity of head space and resiliency you will experience almost immediately.

After listening to this podcast you will have the momentum to get from Monday morning to Sunday afternoon with incrementally more and more momentum!  Sit down, relax, and listen to some powerful tips to get yourself motivated, organized, and prepare yourself to offset the challenges that come your way daily.


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