DMXS is made up of guys just like you who live & love the sport & all have been involved in the sport in one way or the other.



is originally from Jersey and has strong ties to the Mafia so we can’t really go into his past. We (Joey and I) actually met David as he and his wife used to come and spectate early on when we used to do the show at another location. One thing led to another and David found himself behind the mic and is a huge part of our success. David has been into the sport as long as any of us and has an amazing repore with people in general which helps put riders at ease when we first introduce ourselves to them and the show and that usually equates into great interviews.



is just blessed to have great people around who love doing this show each week. In between helping run two tracks here in Georgia and doing some announcing around the country; you could say I’m immersed in the sport. My family has been promoting races since the 70’s here in Georgia and we promoted the last AMA outdoor national held in Georgia back in 83′ and 84′. I along with David ride when I can but find myself at the tracks every weekend working rather than riding which is fine by my self esteem.


(web guy)

keeps things nice and neat around here. Brian used to rip up the C class back in the day and has nicer legs than most girls.