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#44 – Health, Wellness & Performance for Women

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As a female looking to improve her health and athletic performance, there is nothing more frustrating than the abundance of information that contradicts itself constantly: fat is good – fat is bad; protein is good – protein is bad; lift heavy weights – don’t lift heavy weights; cardio is good – cardio is bad; stretch – don’t stretch, etc. There is  no doubt that the female anatomy and hormones are different than the male counterpart, but how, and in what ways?


During this podcast, Coach Robb answers specific questions that were sent in from Snow Bike Girls’ founder Jackie Riess and the Snow Bike Girls community.  Although these questions are directed towards riding and racing motorcycles and snowbikes, the information is relevant to females of all sports.


Select questions include:

  • How does strength differ between women and men and what does a female need to do to offset the differences?
  • How do I build muscle without looking masculine?
  • How do I address the frustrations of mistakes and failures?
  • Is nutrition different for women?
  • How do I address nutrition on race day when I get nervous and get sick to my stomach?
  • How do I handle being told that as a woman I will never be an athlete?
  • Is muscle configuration different between men and women?
  • How do I approach the challenges of pushing/pulling heavy loads verses speed and agility in my training?


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#43 – Listener Case Studies

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Coach Robb Podcast Listener Case Studies!!

Here at the Coach Robb Podcast, we are always looking for ways to provide our listeners with information that resonates and specifically addresses their frustrations, needs, wants and desires, and provide specific steps to correct and/or eliminate them.  Going forward, as a new feature (or format), we take a deep dive into specific case studies of our listeners once a quarter.

Here is how it will work. 

Step One: Send an email to [email protected] outlining your current situation.  It can be a frustration that you are dealing with, a situation that you have conflicting opinions about, or anything that is keeping you from reaching your fullest health, wellness and/or performance.

Coach Robb will choose four case studies per quarter from the entries he receives and complete a FREE one hour phone consultation with the individual(s). In this call he will get the background information necessary to build a strategy to turn around, correct, or eliminate the hurdles or road blocks and get you moving towards your desired outcome. There will be a 30-minute bi-weekly conference call with Coach Robb to discuss your progress and next step suggestions.  At the end of the month, we will complete a beginning – ending evaluation and determine a long term strategy for success.

In this podcast, we are going to evaluate four case studies, one from each of our business segments, and tell the story of how we were able to address both the mental and physical challenges and frustrations of each to put them on a path to success.

General Fitness/Weight Loss:

Gender: Male – Phil

Age: 32


              Can’t fall asleep & stay asleep for more than an hour at a time without taking sleeping pills

Anxiety – anxiety pills (morning and evening)

Can’t drop weight – low calorie and high intensity training 3x a week


Progress Report:

              Off the sleeping pills

Off the anxiety pills

Dropped 17 pounds and 21 inches (head to toe)


Speed & Agility: Soccer Specific

Gender: Male – Kenny

Age: 15

Competitive Level: High School – Travel Team


Lack of explosive speed

Lack of endurance after 20 minutes of intensive play

Side stiches and calf cramping


Progress Report:

Improved speed (50 yard sprints)

Improved endurance

No more cramps and/or stiches


Motorsports: Off Road-GNCC

Gender: Male – Paul

Age: 22

Race Class: Weekend Warrior – wants to step into racing competitively  


Doesn’t have the energy to ride past 30-40 minutes without getting tired (sits down)

Has limited range of motion in his lower back associated with fused disks

Has bone on bone which restricts his physical activity to cross train


Progress Report:

Has completed two 3 hours sessions with consistent lap times

Improved biomechanics on the bike – maintain proper attack position longer

Reduced wrecks – reduced down time


Endurance: Ultra Runner

Gender: Matt – Male

Age: 39


Chronic injuries: knees, lower back and arches of feet

Fueling training efforts over 2 hours

Pace falls off after 90 minute mark by more than a minute per mile


Progress Report:

No injuries at all – improved biomechanics

Have a definitive nutritional and hydration strategy for all race distances

Consistent pacing for all distances


If you like this format, be sure to send us YOUR situations, frustrations, and hurdles that are keeping you from reaching your highest level of health, wellness and performance!  Send them to Jennifer Watkins at [email protected].

Listener Questions

Listeners around the world wanted to know more about heart rate lag; ITB and Sciatic sources and solutions; training with a sweatshirt – yes or no; calorie burn rate while flying; the reason behind Coca Cola during racing – pros and cons.

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#42- 20 Steps to Eliminate Weaknesses

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Was Psychologist Abraham Maslow wrong when he created his Hierarchy of Needs?  When you look at the human race and our desire to reach our fullest potential (financially, professionally, personally and athletically) we have the flow pattern completely upside down – Maslow was correct!

When working with individuals around the world, there is one constant word that comes up when desirable goals don’t become a reality – weak.  Comments like I wasn’t “tough” enough and I “quit” – most interpret this as being “weak”.  It is actually quite the contrary. It’s not you that is “weak”. YOU had the mental toughness to make a commitment to improvement, and ultimately excellence. Most likely, the weakness is in the infrastructure that kept you from staying on track.  Grab a piece of paper – jot down these 20 steps to eliminate weaknesses and then go back and prioritize according to where you can get the most out of your efforts.

Listener questions included: “How do I create balanced meals?”, “Can athletes perform better on a plant based diet?”; “Can you provide suggestions on how to set up a week of strength training without becoming burnt out and/or injured?”; “Should I train outdoors when the air quality is poor?”; and, “How can I improve nutritional absorption while under stressful situations?”.

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#41 – How to Plan Your Success in 2020!

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As 2019 comes to a close, stop and ask yourself “What has been my biggest frustration(s) of 2019?” Are they the same ones that you had in 2018 or even 2017? During podcast #41, Coach Robb shares his four-step process to identify, isolate, address, and eliminate the specific frustrations you experienced in 2019. This unique four-step process will provide you a road map to immediate progress and move you closer to achieving your fullest potential as an individual and/or athlete.

Grab a piece of paper, listen to this show, and get clarity about how to maximize the four components of your life: Personal, Professional, Financial and Athletic!

Listener questions include: “What should I look for in a licensed massage therapist?”; “Will it make me fat if I eat after 5 pm?”; “Why do I crave sugar after a Hare Scramble?”; and, “Why am I so tired, sore, and don’t feel rested after a night of sleeping?”

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