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#35 The Dirty Little Secret Behind Mental Fatigue

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When it comes to getting through a week, nothing is more exhausting than being mentally spent.  There are numerous articles and videos out there addressing how to offset muscular fatigue, but during podcast #35, Coach Robb takes a look at the big 10-pound muscle on top of your shoulders – your brain – and helps you get a clear understanding why mental fatigue sneaks up on you when you least expect it!

During the first half of the podcast, Coach Robb drills down on the question “What is the last thing you wrote down and created a strategy to achieve in the last thirty days?”.  After answering this question, he challenges listeners to identify what rewards were attached to the achievement. Over the last 35 years of working with individuals and athletes, Coach Robb has never had an individual answer this question with a definitive answer.

When it comes to the physical signs of fatigue such as tired muscles, cramping, slower speeds, less strength, etc. we know what to do – eat and sleep to recover.  But, when it comes to mental fatigue, many of us are stumped. The symptoms are obvious –  feelings of being lazy, frustrated, aggravated or even depressed, but the steps to turning around the symptoms are not quite so easy. Coach Robb looks at three critical components of mental frustration: not having a quantified and/or detailed achievement; never feeling like your results are “good enough”; and, constantly feeling dissatisfied (i.e. thinking it’s cool to be pissed all the time – “that sucked”) because you keep moving the target identified as “good enough”.

During the second half of the podcast, Coach Robb does a deep dive into the four quadrants of life that we all balance on a daily basis (sometimes not even realizing it) –  Personal (food, sleep, sexual intimacy), Professional/School, Financial, and Health, Wellness & Performance.  Though we get on the daily hamster wheel, we rarely stop to answer questions like What does my perfect day look like?  What is my definition of perfect result?  and, What is my reward for accomplishing my desired result?  The result is the vicious cycle of never being satisfied (or achieving a quantified achievement) which begins to wear the brain out – literally.

By the end of the podcast you will understand the difference between physical and mental rejuvenation and what you can do to offset the negative effects of mental exhaustion.  You will also be equipped to take an intangible feeling or emotion and create a tangible achievement. This is something your brain can resonate with and feels rewarded when implemented correctly.

Listener questions include: What should I eat during my races to avoid getting physically sick?;  What do I do about a know in my rib cage that keeps me from breathing deeply?; What do I do to avoid getting up 2-3 times a night to urinate along with struggling to fall back asleep when I am finished?; What is the ideal sleep cycle?  and, What do I do when my schedule keeps me from completing today’s workout – discard or move to tomorrow?

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#34 Prescription Drugs & Nutritional Depletion | How to Handle an Injury/Illness without Losing your Fitness and Your Mind!

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If you are taking over the counter medications or have been prescribed pharmaceuticals, you may be experiencing symptoms such as depression, fatigue, hair loss, irritability, anemia, loss of smell/taste, wounds that won’t heal and even sexual dysfunction… to name a few.

During the first half of the podcast, Coach Robb discusses how antacids, antibiotics, cholesterol medication, hormones, anti-inflammatories and diuretics could be leading to micro nutrient deficiencies resulting in unwanted symptoms.  Grab a piece of paper and get ready to jot down the micro nutrients that are adversely effected when you take certain types of medications.  Once you understand the nutrients, you can address the symptoms by eating real food and, if necessary, supplementation.

During the second half of the podcast, Coach Robb  outlines how to address an illness or injury without losing fitness or your mind!  Coach Robb explains what you can do to kill the virus quickly, know when it is good to resume training, and how to ensure that you don’t lose any fitness during your “down time”.  He also discusses the four necessary steps to handling an acute injury.

Listener questions include: Why am I not losing weight when I am training so hard?; What heart rate monitor is Coach Robb using and why?; Are any new flavors coming out for Energy Fuel?; How do I know if I am eating too much or too little while training and racing?; What is this three-dimensional plane Coach Robb refers to when discussing improved cornering on the bike?

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#33 Fighting Disease Through Food

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Nothing drives the volume of emails to Coach Robb’s offices like the subject (and frustrations) associated with food.  As the peoples podcast, Coach Robb has consolidated emails from listeners who have asked for help in addressing specific health issues with food.

If you have followed our podcasts or Coach Robb’s online contributions, you know that he doesn’t like the fact that most people feel like a mushroom when it comes to health, wellness and performance: they are kept in the dark and covered in bullshit!  In today’s podcast, Coach Robb will take the Top 10 Diagnosis and discuss ways to offset their associated symptoms naturally!

He also discusses the significance of how burning more calories than you consume (aka the burn rate) can lead to a deficit in essential micro and macro nutrients which can often times escalate into a chronic problem unless identified and addressed.

Grab a piece of paper and get ready to take some notes.  For each of the below, he outlines the mico and macro nutrients that are necessary to address the SPECIFIC struggles associated with each diagnosis.  He then provides you a quick overview of where you can source the necessary elements to begin offsetting your symptoms immediately.  The great news is that you can source these products at your local grocery store and/or farmer’s market!

 Fighting Disease & Common Symptoms with Food – Offsetting Associated Symptoms of the Top 10 (in alphabetical order)

  • Attention Deficient & Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Anemia
  • Anxiety
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Hypertension
  • Immune Deficiency
  • Insomnia
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Muscle Cramping

In addition to breaking down each disease/symptoms, Coach Robb provides you guidelines of what food categories need be completely eliminated, which categories you can consume occasionally, and what categories need to be your staples for offsetting your symptoms and optimizing your health, wellness and performance!

Listener questions include: Is exercising the day before a big race is better than resting? As a runner, how do I improve my energy to complete speed and hill workouts? Can free spinning rollers improve a cyclists balance? What is the best way to maintain proper hydration levels when working manual labor outside? Why did I lose my appetite after moving to a hotter environment?

As mentioned in the podcast, here are the Amazon links to Coach Robb’s books on Kindle and Paperback:

Coach Robb’s Smoothie Recipe Book – on Kindle and in Paperback

Coach Robb’s Healthy Meals Recipe Book – on Kindle and in Paperback

Coach Robb Podcast #32

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Sex and Sleep Changes Everything!

This podcast episode is a result of numerous emails that have come in since the beginning of the year from excited (no pun intended) new clients who have enjoyed deeper levels of sleep and associated benefits (less anxiety, lower body fat, improved athletic performance, more energy, etc.) after Coach Robb recommended that they get sex back into their normal routine (the more frequent the better)!

Show Disclosure

If you have young ears that can hear this podcast, please be aware that we are going to be talking about sex in numerous ways and we don’t want to offend anyone.  We are asking that you listen to this podcast with a mature mindset and recognize that our conversation about sexual behavior and how it translates into better health, wellness and performance (both in and out of the bedroom) will be uncensored. 

Initially, Coach Robb gives a physiological explanation of the sex drive and how it isn’t something that you can turn on and off but rather is a by product of your brain and hormonal system communicating with each other (when healthy) to create a consistent sex drive.  Though the act of sexual relations (specifically orgasms) can be enjoyable, Coach Robb explains the health benefits associated with having orgasms and why having them two times a week can actually improve your immune system.

If you have been dealing with reduced sex drive, fatigue, moodiness, low strength and endurance levels, night sweats, insomnia, etc. for a long period of time, you may now be in a mode of exhaustion where your coping system in your body relevant to stress – the adrenals, are being either over worked or under fueled.  The chronic overload and/or under fueling of the adrenals results in an adrenal system that is burnt out and not able to execute its job of excreting the hormones necessary for dealing with stress, improving energy and decreasing unwanted body fat.

Coach Robb provides five key actions that you can implement immediately to turn adrenal fatigue disorders and symptoms around naturally and without purchasing anything.  These five actions will help establish a foundation that Coach Robb refers to as the square of life: personal, professional, financial and athletic.

Whether you are looking to improve your overall health or wanting to improve your athletic performance, when you successfully incorporate all five actions in a consistent manner your body will begin to sleep better, recover stronger, have more energy and less incidents of illness and injuries while building lean muscle mass and dropping unwanted body fat in a consistent, sustainable manner without any regressions or setbacks.

Listener’s questions included: Why are heart rate numbers so much different between training and racing; should a young soccer player use performance enhancing drugs; how do acceleration intervals help improve my sprint speed; how to incorporate moto specific protocols to open practice; why my knees hurt in racing but not in training (running specific); how to improve sleep quality and ease of falling asleep at the end of a long day.

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