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#4 – Coach Robb on Quality & Quantity

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On the Coach Robb Podcast #4 we dive into the Hierarchy of Needs and the correct quality and quantity balances for water, food, sleep and exercise. We will also find out what in the hell Adrenal Fatigue and Circadian Rhythm means and how it relates to you!

#3 – Coach Robb the importance of sleep

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Coach Robb breaks down the importance of sleep and a simple plan to make sure you’re getting a good night’s sleep. Also, the complex hydration balance facing all levels of fitness goals on this week’s podcast.

We broke down the importance of sleep from a health and wellness perspective along the dangers of improper hydration levels – specifically over hydrating.

#2 – Coach Robb on Nutrition

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Coach Robb tells us all how to be healthy for just $10 a day and explains the importance of good nutrition as the cornerstone to any successful fitness program!

During this show, I discuss:
1. Why nutrition is the first component to a healthy lifestyle.
2. Break down how you can eat healthy for less than $10 a day
3. How to avoid running through fast food establishments!

#1 – The Coach Robb Podcast has officially launched!

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We discuss the common myths that inundate the Internet about nutrition, fitness, fatigue and training among other topics. Coach Robb will tackle the weight loss marketing machine and why you’re being set up to fail on the next show. This podcast will be sports neutral and not specific to motocross so make sure to help spread the word to your friends and family, too!

Subects Discussed:
Why you are low on energy?
Why weight loss programs are designed to FAIL!
How to Lose Weight Without Purchasing Anything

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