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#29 The Funnel of Chronic Depletion and the K.I.S.S. Formula

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In the first half of Coach Robb Podcast Episode #29, Coach Robb outlines his unique approach to offsetting the symptoms associated with chronic system depletion which often leaves us feeling physically and mentally drained. He calls it  the K.I.S.S. Formula.

After listening to this podcast, not only will you will have a complete understanding and guide on how to reestablish balance across all of the various body systems, but also, learn how to set yourself up in way that allows you to sustain internal (hormonal) and external (physical) balance for the rest of your life (no matter what your age is). Listen in to find out how you too can use the K.I.S.S. Formula to regain balance in your life!

Did you know that there are 11 systems at work inside your body that all have to work together to keep us in balance? During the second half of the podcast, Coach Robb explains what these systems do and why it is so important to keep them balanced. He also takes a deep dive on a concept he refers to as the Funnel of Chronic Depletion which happens when our systems get out sync and lead us spinning out of control. Listen in as Coach Robb walks you through four specific steps to stop this from happening and get you back on track to a healthier you at the cellular, tissue, organ and system level!

You will definitely want to grab a pen and paper to jot down both his ideas and concepts so you can come back and fill in your specific steps you can take to begin addressing frustrations like unwanted weight gain, low energy levels, lack of sex drive and anxiety (to name a few).  After listening to this show you will have a better understanding of what is happening, why it is happening and five simple steps you can implement immediately with no bait and switch attached.  Your only cost will be the mental head space to get your ideas jotted down on paper and the opportunity cost of time to change some behavioral habits.  Keep in mind, change is hard only because it is new and unfamiliar.  Change your perspective, commit to making yourself healthier, and enjoy the feeling of a balanced body.

Listener questions include: Why does my watch say that I am burning more calories when I am going “hard” verses “easy” (as you suggest)?; Being a Type One diabetic, what does that mean to me?; I am training for a marathon and was curious how often I should test my maximum heart rate?; and, How I can lose the 25 pounds that I put on during my pregnancy?

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#28 Why Addressing Frustrations is Much More Effective Than Chasing Goals

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During this podcast, Coach Robb explains why identifying frustrations and the associated steps to addressing them is the quickest path to ultimate achievement.  As a performance coach of 35 years, Coach Robb takes a deep dive into why humans gravitate towards actions and thought process that undermine their full potential.  Whether this potential is in the area of professional, financial, relationship, health, wellness or athletic performance, Coach Robb walks you through the subtle yet destructive patterns of human failure.

After listening to the first half of this podcast, you will have a definitive understanding of the upfront resistance points that we all face as we endeavor to make ourselves better parents, friends, employees or athletes and what adjustments you can make to overcome them quickly to get you on the fast track to success.

In the second half, Coach Robb outlines and explains six imperative steps you must take if you want to break from the vicious cycle of failure and into the process of creating the ultimate blueprint of success.  Coach Robb’s Blueprint of Success Formula has been used with individuals, amateur and professional athletes with championship results.

If you are a parent or someone who works with young children who struggle with self confidence and are paralyzed with the fear of failure, you need to share this podcast with them.  It will literally change their perspective on how to approach the journey of success – not just for 2019 but for the rest of their lives.

Listeners questions include: Why high profile athletes move on to other performance programs?; Why the scale number isn’t decreasing after working out and eating cleanly?; Should yogurt and banana snacks be replaced with a smoothie?; How do I improve my sleep quantity?; and, Why eating junk food/fast food makes me feel exhausted?

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#27 The Ultimate Four-Step Holiday Survival Guide & Seven Surprising Sources of Injuries

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During the first half of this podcast, Coach Robb explains why he wants you to embrace the joys of the holiday season with friends, family and colleagues.  Many people dread the holidays because they fear gaining those unwanted pounds and feeling guilty for indulging. By following Coach Robb’s four simple steps you will minimize weight gain, avoid feeling horrible, and prepare yourself for multiple days of holiday festivities.

During the second half of the podcast, Coach Robb explains the top seven things that contribute to injuries.  As Coach Robb explains, when it comes to improving your health, wellness and ultimately performance, the only two things that will impede your daily improvement is an injury and/or an illness.  By implementing these seven habits into your normal routine, you will keep from getting injured as well as improve your strength, speed and endurance.  As always, grab a piece of paper and jot down some notes that you can transfer over to post it notes as daily reminders.

Listeners questions include: Why is my sex drive higher in the morning?; Why has my motivation and performance results plummeted?; What should I study to do what Coach Robb does for my profession?; What is Coach Robb’s biggest frustration as a performance coach?; What is the catapult effect?; and What separates Coach Robb from other coaches?


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#26 The Difference Between Epstein Barr, Adrenal Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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Are you struggling with fatigue, can’t lose those last 10 pounds, not sleeping at night, have poor concentration, experiencing body aches…. (just to mention a few)? Have you sought professional help only to be made to feel like you are losing your mind and it is all in your head?  Well the truth is there is a process associated with fatigue and during this podcast Coach Robb walks you through the symptoms, causes and a few ideas on how to turn your miserable conditions around.

Over the last 34 years, Coach Robb has received thousands of emails from individuals all around the world who struggle with fatigue – both mentally and physically.  In this podcast Coach Robb walks through a concept he refers to as the “Flow Pattern of Fatigue”.  He explains how fatigue can manifest itself in the way of a virus, then overload your adrenal system and eventually result in a condition commonly referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as well as discuss the pivotal differences between this condition, adrenal fatigue and Epstein Barr. After listening to this podcast, you will have a better understanding of where your symptoms originated, why your body is struggling and three specific steps to begin turning your symptoms around.

Listeners questions include: How does adding lemon to your water improve your health?; Go hungry or eat an energy bar?; What is the best/easiest way to warm up?; How to fuel for a three-hour race; Why am I am not losing weight even though I am lifting and doing cardio work?

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