Coach Robb

#2 – Coach Robb on Nutrition

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Coach Robb tells us all how to be healthy for just $10 a day and explains the importance of good nutrition as the cornerstone to any successful fitness program!

During this show, I discuss:
1. Why nutrition is the first component to a healthy lifestyle.
2. Break down how you can eat healthy for less than $10 a day
3. How to avoid running through fast food establishments!

#1 – The Coach Robb Podcast has officially launched!

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We discuss the common myths that inundate the Internet about nutrition, fitness, fatigue and training among other topics. Coach Robb will tackle the weight loss marketing machine and why you’re being set up to fail on the next show. This podcast will be sports neutral and not specific to motocross so make sure to help spread the word to your friends and family, too!

Subects Discussed:
Why you are low on energy?
Why weight loss programs are designed to FAIL!
How to Lose Weight Without Purchasing Anything

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#0 Robb’s training, fitness, nutrition segments

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We’ve been proud to be associated with Coach Robb Beams for over a decade, on and off the show. Robb’s training/fitness/nutrition segments have been popular with our listeners for quite some time and his own podcast was just a natural progression for his program. We’ll discuss his goals and plans for the upcoming Coach Robb Podcast debuting on his site in the near future as we transition our listeners over through DMXS.

The show above outlines the vision of the Coach Robb podcast platform. When you listen, please recognize that I am speaking to our loyal DMXS listeners (40,000 plus downloads per show).
In all future Coach Robb podcasts,

I will be answering listener’s questions, addressing frustrations and providing solutions to help them achieve their personal goals and objectives (no matter what the sport background).

The Coach Robb Podcasts will be applicable to all sports along with those who struggle with weight loss. It will be one of the few podcasts available that provides resources that listeners can download prior to the show and fill out during the show helping each listener develop a personalized program within the areas of: weight loss, nutrition, hydration the development of lean muscle, strength training, injury prevention, endurance, flexibility and the mental development side of health, wellness and performance.

I have received thousands of emails encouraging me to develop my own podcast when it has been mentioned on the DMXS radio show…well that time is now, and I am really excited.

I hope you will listen, send me your thoughts, questions and feedback!