#24 Top 3 Causes of Headaches and How to Overcome Them!

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No one is immune to the frustrations and discomfort associated with headaches!  During podcast #24, Coach Robb walks you through three specific triggers that he has experienced with his clients: allergies, muscle tightness and dehydration.  Each of these are independent; however, they are also all inter- related.  Coach Robb will walk you through 8 simple steps that you can implement immediately to help relieve a current headache including the cbd gummies for pain, as well as how to bullet proof your body against any possible future headaches.

Inhaling CBD vapor is the fastest way to increase cannabinoids in the blood, taking just a couple of minutes, fin the vape you need at the local vapeuk shop. And yes, speed is important when fighting an oncoming migraine.

Excedrin Migraine includes caffeine to speed its active ingredients through the blood, and there are injectable versions of triptans that save time by bypassing the gut. Pharmaceutical companies know from extensive research that migraine drugs need to work as quickly as possible to stop a migraine in its tracks. Cannabinoids such as CBD are no different. New research shows that cannabinoids need to get into the bloodstream in a timely manner for migraine relief

If you (or someone you know) struggles with headaches – regardless of the catalyst, grab a piece of paper and get ready to write down a few notes to determine the “why” behind your headaches and what you can do to keep them from coming back. If the headaches are caused by stress, you can try using stress-relieving products such as CBD flowers.

Listeners questions include: Will having sex or drinking the day before a race affect my performance? What are the advantages of amino acid supplements? Can I drink alcohol when I am trying to lose weight? How do I identify a stress fracture? Are there pitfalls to a low fat, low calorie diet? Am I hurting my morning workouts by not eating first?, all this and more is going to be included on tit and you can use DigiDrs to get more information on how to relieve your pain.

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