#44 – Health, Wellness & Performance for Women

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As a female looking to improve her health and athletic performance, there is nothing more frustrating than the abundance of information that contradicts itself constantly: fat is good – fat is bad; protein is good – protein is bad; lift heavy weights – don’t lift heavy weights; cardio is good – cardio is bad; stretch – don’t stretch, etc. There is  no doubt that the female anatomy and hormones are different than the male counterpart, but how, and in what ways?


During this podcast, Coach Robb answers specific questions that were sent in from Snow Bike Girls’ founder Jackie Riess and the Snow Bike Girls community.  Although these questions are directed towards riding and racing motorcycles and snowbikes, the information is relevant to females of all sports.


Select questions include:

  • How does strength differ between women and men and what does a female need to do to offset the differences?
  • How do I build muscle without looking masculine?
  • How do I address the frustrations of mistakes and failures?
  • Is nutrition different for women?
  • How do I address nutrition on race day when I get nervous and get sick to my stomach?
  • How do I handle being told that as a woman I will never be an athlete?
  • Is muscle configuration different between men and women?
  • How do I approach the challenges of pushing/pulling heavy loads verses speed and agility in my training?


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#79 Shane McElrath – David Pingree – Daniel Blair – Robb Beams

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Shane McElrath – David Pingree – Daniel Blair – Robb Beams

#35 Barcia, Peick, Beams, Colburt

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It seems every year there’s a great underdog comeback storyline that fans can embrace and Monster Energy/Knich/Yamaha Factory Racing’s Justin Barcia is certainly due for some positive mojo to come his way. An impressive night at Anaheim reminded the doubters that he is far from done and we’ll hear directly from “Bam Bam” tonight.

Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing’s Weston Peick continues to make the most of every opportunity that he’s earned over the last few years. He climbed his way from a struggling privateer to a solid factory effort and put up a top 5 in the incredibly deep 450 class on Saturday. Weston is always a great and honest interview and we look forward to catching up with “The Viking” tonight.

Coach Robb Beams is part of the DMXS family around here and our listeners appreciate his perspective and advice when it comes to everything fitness, wellness, and training. He launched his newly updated website and will get us caught up on the changes and do a little bench racing, too.

Mammoth Mountain’s Mike Colburt is in charge of a little piece of motocross heaven in the picturesque mountains of California. Mike will fill us in on the recently announced 2018 Road to Mammoth series and all the other stuff they do up there when dirt bikes aren’t ripping around the mountain. Thankfully, our good friends at supply Mammoth Mountain year round regardless of the season or event.

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