#12 – Stop Being Fat – Get Lean and Faster….If you want!

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If you have been a listener to Coach Robb for any length of time, you know his strong opinion about the importance of heart rate monitors.  During this podcast, Coach Robb outlines how you can utilize your heart rate monitor to build muscle, burn fat and improve your performance results all at the same time!  Please note, during this podcast, Coach Robb provided some helpful illustrations that you will want to write down and keep as a simple, yet powerful resource to understanding how your body utilizes stored fat, sugar and protein to fuel your exercise efforts.

After listening to this podcast, you will have a clear understanding why changing up your intensity levels, durations and frequency will keep you from falling into weight loss stagnation or performance plateaus.  And as always, Coach Robb answered listeners questions about Lance Armstrong’s drug testing results, the use of quinoa on the two week food challenge, capturing your resting heart rate and why athletes are petrified of success!

#11 Coach Robb

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Are frustrated that your training and eating habits are not producing the results you are looking for?  Coach Robb’s Podcast #11 drills down on the top six culprits that could be holding you back.  Coach Robb taps into his 30+ years of working with clients, athletes and racers to outline how overlooking little things can create a domino effect that undermines your efforts and eventually your health ? without you seeing it until it is too late.  He also explains why trying harder is not always the correct mindset when it comes to breaking through personal plateaus. If you are tired of being tired or ready to bust through performance glass ceilings, you don’t want to miss this podcast.  Additionally, Coach Robb answers some pretty heated questions about PEDS (performance enhancing drugs), the negative side to energy bars, when and how to use ibuprofen and more!  Note: Coach Robb will be hosting a live webinar “Nutrition for Performance” on February 27th from 6-9pm EST.  For more information, please contact Christy at [email protected] for pricing and availability.

#10 Coach Robb

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Screw Your New Year’s Resolutions  and How to Set Yourself Up for a Lifestyle Change! During Podcast #10 Coach Robb outlines the top four reasons why people are constantly hungry and can’t lose weight, and the truth behind what it takes to actually enjoying exercise.  After listening to this podcast, you will learn how to avoid falling into the trap of the complacency syndrome, which in Coach Robb’s opinion, is the number one reason why we end up injured and/or sick.  Coach Robb also answers several listener’s questions sent about whether you should goto the gym when the flu bug is floating around; whether avocados should be avoided due to the amount of calories; and the truth behind supplementation.

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#9 Coach Robb

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Coach Robb outlined the Top 8 Mistakes People make when trying to improve their health, wellness and/or sports performance.  When it comes to avoiding burn out, becoming injured, sick or excessively sore, Coach Robb walks through the key elements to an exercise or sports performance program that guarantees success. In Coach Robb’s opinion, creating an exercise or performance program that is sustainable specific to an individuals personal and professional schedule is the foundation of success and in this podcast he walks you through ? step by step to help jump start your program!  In addition to outlining the top 8 mistakes, Coach Robb answered several listeners questions about heart rate monitors, getting sick often and how to adjust a workout if you are short on time.  If you have any particular frustrations or questions that you would like Coach Robb and his staff to research, please feel free to email them to [email protected].