#8 Coach Robb

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Coach Robb’s Podcasts are frequently referred to as the “people’s podcast”,  During this podcast, Coach Robb answered numerous listener’s questions such as:  why being motivated by fear is keeping you from reaching your personal and personal goals; why cutting calories will make you progressively “fatter”; how to reset your fat point, why you gain more weight than you lost during a “diet phase”,  the dangers of eliminating food items from your diet,  why chronic stress is causing you to hold onto those unwanted pounds, why exercise is making you gain weight, why chronic stress is making you sick at a chemical, physical and mental level and understand how all of these topics are inter-related.  Be sure to follow Coach Robb on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram for daily tips, suggestions and daily motivational quotes.

#7 Coach Robb

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On the Coach Robb Podcast #7, he outlined 4 specific things with your eating habits during the holidays to avoid gaining that dreaded “Holiday Weight Gain”.  In addition to some eating strategies, he provided an easy to follow exercise program that anyone can do anywhere to ensure you avoid that “food drunk” feeling after enjoying holiday food and drinks.  Like all future podcasts, Coach Robb answered listener’s questions about low back pain, why swimming is so productive to burn fat, how to improve sleep quality and why building an aerobic base leads to increased speed relevant to performance.

#5 Coach Robb

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On the Coach Robb Podcast #5, he addresses how to hydrate properly (pre, during and post exercise) whether you are a recreational athlete or a hard core performance athlete.  Coach Robb also drills down on why he is such a big advocate for training with a heart rate monitor for optimum training results (from burning fat to improving high end speed and endurance).  If you sent Coach Robb a question over the last two weeks, listen to see if he answered your question!