#22 Top 5 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Health (and Undermine your Performance Improvements)

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Whether you are an individual that is trying to lose weight, are a recreational exerciser or hard core athlete there are five common mistakes that all of us make that is literally ruining our healthy literally on a daily basis.  During this podcast you will discover how each of these mistakes build upon each other until we are forced to pay attention because of headaches, insomnia (not able to sleep), irritability, high anxiety levels, unexplained weight gain, slower speeds, less strength and low energy!

As always, grab a piece of paper and get ready to understand what you can do to alleviate these negative symptoms as well as a strategy to keep them from coming back in the future.  If you have struggled with dropping those unwanted pounds of fat or have gained back more weight than you have lost using a commercial “diet plan”, Coach Robb will walk you through, in detail, why this is happening.   Keep in mind, this information is NOT what the weight loss systems, diet plans, multi-level marketing products and so-called trainers what you to learn about.  Why?  Because then the propaganda that they promote wouldn’t sell and you would remove your dependency on them.

Coach Robb is all about accountability and responsibility when it comes to your health, wellness and performance.  This podcast is all about equipping you with the truth about food, sleep and evaluating how stress effects your body (mentally and physically)!

Listeners questions include: What is a complex carb; Why you should add butter to your potatoes; How do you know if you are warmed up; What do you burn more of during high intensity training-stored fat or carbs; Does intermittent fasting work?

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#21 Post-Race Depression – How to Avoid The Negative Side Effects of Over Training

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Over the last 34 years of coaching, Coach Robb has seen countless cases of post-race depression. This is not a subject that he takes lightly and in this podcast he explains why it happens, as well as providing some very important steps you can take to help offset the symptoms. **Note: if you are dealing with depression, Coach Robb strongly urges you to seek professional help immediately! **

Coach Robb also outlines what over training is, how to identify if you are on the path to overtraining, along with four specific questions you must answer to keep it from happening again. Grab a piece of paper and jot down the blueprint Coach Robb is going to walk you through so that you can elevate your health, wellness and performance without having any future performance setbacks.

Listeners questions include: What is the difference between electrolytes and calories in a sports drink; When should I resume training after muscle soreness, Tips to keeping Energy Fuel cold during long workouts, Can you drink Energy Fuel with dinner, and the fine line between being too technical and not technical enough.

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#20 Performance Enhancing Drugs: Past, Present and Future

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Athletes have gotten busted in a multitude of sports for various performance enhancing drugs: triathlon, cycling, running, tennis, motocross and even curling back in the Olympics!  As a result, Coach Robb has been inundated with questions about why they are used, the associated health risks and is there a way to win naturally?  In this podcast, Coach Robb outlines the performance benefits and health dangers associated with PEDS, and explains why (in his opinion), you can’t win at the highest level without the use of PEDS!

Whether it is testosterone, hGH, cortisone or EPO, if you read the rest of the article, you will learn that Coach Robb explains the ethical decision that individuals and athletes must make when it comes to the use of these performance enhancing substances.  If you or anyone you know, is using performance enhancing drugs, you definitely want to listen to this podcast before you destroy your mental and physical health.  The lack of knowledge may be the difference between living and dying!

Listener questions included: The dumbest thing Coach Robb has seen an athlete do?; Why am I dehydrated?; Professional golfer with a sore elbow – cause and how to fix?; Should you wear a sweatshirt to acclimate to the heat?

Resources Mentioned within the podcast:

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EPO Improves performance by 54% –

#19 The Difference between Being Healthy and Being Fast

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One of the biggest challenges Coach Robb faces on a daily basis when working with clients around the world, is that he emphasizes the importance of health, wellness THEN performance.  He has gone on the public record both here on his own podcast as well as DMXS Radio, numerous online magazine articles and blogs that he is willing to risk being terminated because he will not push a person beyond the threshold of health while trying to improve an athlete’s strength, speed and/or endurance.

During this podcast, Coach Robb outlines what he evaluates when working with a client to ensure that the foundation of health is established prior to building a performance program.  The evaluation elements will surprise you, so grab a piece of paper and take some notes!

Listeners questions include: Sleeping aids during muti-day races; How to Handle Hitting the Ground When You have More Racing to Complete; Heat & Humidity  while living in a motorhome; Anemia associated with a heavy menstrual cycle; What Does an Exhausted Hormonal System mean?