#19 The Difference between Being Healthy and Being Fast

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One of the biggest challenges Coach Robb faces on a daily basis when working with clients around the world, is that he emphasizes the importance of health, wellness THEN performance.  He has gone on the public record both here on his own podcast as well as DMXS Radio, numerous online magazine articles and blogs that he is willing to risk being terminated because he will not push a person beyond the threshold of health while trying to improve an athlete’s strength, speed and/or endurance.

During this podcast, Coach Robb outlines what he evaluates when working with a client to ensure that the foundation of health is established prior to building a performance program.  The evaluation elements will surprise you, so grab a piece of paper and take some notes!

Listeners questions include: Sleeping aids during muti-day races; How to Handle Hitting the Ground When You have More Racing to Complete; Heat & Humidity  while living in a motorhome; Anemia associated with a heavy menstrual cycle; What Does an Exhausted Hormonal System mean?

#18 How to Train and Race in Hot and Humid Conditions for Optimum Performance

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During Podcast #18, Coach Robb outlines How to Train and Race in Hot and Humid Conditions for Optimum Performance.  Coach Robb walks you through five key steps to take prior to, during and following training and/or racing to ensure that you perform well in these difficult situations, along with how to correctly recover in the shortest amount of time.  During the first segment, he also outlines how to identify and offset a heat stroke.

During segment #2, Coach Robb addresses the Role of Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat as it Relates to Performance.  He outlines how each of these plays a significant role in your energy levels, performance levels, and your ability to recover.  You might be surprised to learn what it takes to become both lean and strong!

Finally, Coach Robb answers listener’s questions about eating enough to offset weight gain associated with stress; how to lose fat and not muscle; why eggs are important in a meal plan; and why do I train faster than I race?

If you have any questions that you would like Coach Robb and his staff to research and discuss, please don’t hesitate to drop an email to [email protected].

For additional resources on nutrition, hydration, strength training, flexibility, and much more – please visit our resource page on each sport specific website

#45 Pastrana, Osborne, Plessinger, Beams

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Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Zach Osborne began his 250 title defense with an impressive overall win at the opening round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at Hangtown. He had a benchmark year in his career and we’ll get his thoughts on all of that and the big win on Saturday.

Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Aaron Plessinger is a breath of fresh air in the sport and won the 250SX West Region Championship his way. His lighthearted personality and permanent smile have certainly resonated with the fans. We always enjoy catching up and have a lot to cover tonight.

Travis Pastrana has set the bar so many times it should just be called, “Setting the Pastrana.” He has once again captured the interest of the world with his latest plans to recreate three of Evel Knievel’s iconic jumps this summer, including the legendary Caesars Palace Fountain leap. I’m sure he just lost a bet and has to do this, but we’ll get the details and planning for the latest Pastrana masterpiece.

Coach Robb is a longtime friend of the show and has been a valuable resource for our listeners over the many years. Make sure you check out his new podcast where he breaks down training, fitness and nutritional topics for every skill level. Robb will detail the MotoE Amateur Development Program and more tonight on the show.

DMXS Radio thanks DUNLOP, Coach Robb Beams,, Moto Dynasty, Racer X, MX Sports, DUBYA Wheels, OGIO, and Concept2 Rowers for their continued support.

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#17 Peoples Podcast – How to Handle an Injury

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As the “Peoples Podcast”, Coach Robb will address listener Anthony from Australia’s question about addressing an injury. Anthony voiced his frustration of the conflicting information about how to handle and recover from an injury between physicians, physical therapists and trainers. He also voiced his frustration about the conflicting ideas associated on both how to handle an injury and how long should it legitimately take to fully recover. Coach Robb will outline his three stages he uses to handle injuries with his clients and what he implements to speed up the overall recovery process and get them back to 100% ASAP. If you have ever experienced an injury, this information will be invaluable!

Coach Robb also answers listener’s questions about glycogen vs blood glucose; knee braces – good or bad; how sleep helps lose unwanted body fat; are raw nuts considered a fat or a protein and the difference between being warmed up and being hot. Listen, take notes and walk away from this podcast with a blueprint of handling an injury along with clarification on some confusing concepts.

If you have any questions, frustrations or need anything clarified, don’t hesitate to drop Coach Robb and his research team an email. Your question will be answered either via email and/or on a future podcast show!