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#59 Cole Seely

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We caught up with Cole Seely to talk about his return to racing after his near career-ending injury in Tampa last year as the siege on Anaheim is just over a week away. We always enjoy our time with Cole, especially when he puts Kevin in his place. Enjoy, y’all.

#51 Forkner – Seely – Wheels

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Forkner – Seely – Wheels

Cole Seely is officially back on a damn dirt bike! That was not a given after some serious consideration and soul-searching after his latest severe injury. We’re pumped for our friend and are glad to welcome him back on under better circumstances.

Austin Forkner didn’t have the outdoor season he wanted after a rollercoaster summer, but we know he is full of fire and will learn from it and come out swinging. We dig his personality on and off the track and always enjoy catching up.

Racer X’s Wheels will be on to discuss The Smagical Benefit Ride Day coming up next weekend at Sweeney’s MX Playground. You can check out the details and info at www.Road2Recovery.com. Wheels has taken the lead on this ride and we’ll get the latest from him tonight.

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