#53- Listener’s Question – Coach Robb Answers!

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Coach Robb is honored to receive so many listener questions, whether the questions come directly to Coach Robb’s office or through his partnership with the boys over at DMXS Radio!  During Coach Robb Podcast #53, he answers questions associated with: Why doesn’t Coach Robb have CBD products in his supplement line?  A family divided – wife says sit ups are bad for my back – True or False?  I have tennis elbow, any suggestions to avoid a cortisone shot or possibly surgery?  How long does it take to recover from adrenal fatigue?  Am I more susceptible to experiencing adrenal fatigue in the future; if so, how do I offset it?  Even though I am healthy, I can’t get my resting heart rate below 63, what can/should I do to lower it or does it really matter what my resting heart rate is?  Any suggestions for dealing with arthritis without having to use prescription drugs?  Is it possible to stay in great shape using a Nordic Trac?  Which is better, an air fryer or a George Foreman grill?

Coach Robb is not one to pull wool over anyone’s eyes when it comes to changing your perspective on these issues.  Not only does he provide you the answer, he also provides you insight into the “Why” behind his statements.  Grab a bowl of ice cream, a craft beer, or an avocado and some eggs and sit down and enjoy an hour of introspective into these various subjects.

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